CRO is an Italian public institute founded in 1984 and is committed to pursue excellence in all aspects of clinical oncology and management of health services. CRO is also an excellence in translational and clinical research activity for the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Centro di Riferimento Oncologico (IRCCS CRO AVIANO) – National Cancer Institute


The CRO institute operate under the authority of the Italian Health Ministry for the clinical & experimental research functions. It practice excellence in clinical oncology, with particular emphasis on Onco-Hematology, Breast Surgery, Onco-Geriatrics, Pharmacogenetics/genomics and serve youth (14-19 years old). In addition, current research activity is based on five research lines:
- Tumor genetics and biology (basic and translational research)
- Tumor epidemiology and prevention
- Hematologic neoplasias. Translational and clinical research
- Solid tumors. Translational research to better diagnosis and treatment
- Infectious agents associated tumors
The Department of Translational Research, with laboratories area of about 4000 ms, CRO is equipped with state-of-art machinery for clinical and research activity, organized in Technology Platforms/Core Facilities.
Clinical research is based on mono- and multidisciplinary therapeutic protocols (conservative surgery in breast cancer, combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy in locally advanced, non small-cell lung cancer, interdisciplinary treatment of soft tissue sarcomas and ovarian tumors). Innovative protocols concern: Phase I-II studies of new drugs in metastatic tumors; therapeutic schemes specifically designed for elderly patients and patients with AIDS.
The CRO combines the hospital service and the scientific research with education.

Available Technologies

Epigenetic markers of Melanoma Prognosis

TRL: 4 Status: EP Patent Availability: Licensing

Rapid Evaluation of Thrombo-Haemolitic Risk

TRL: 5 Status: EP Patent Availability: Licensing

HPLC device for high-volume samples analysis

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