The National Research Council (CNR) is the largest public research institution in Italy, with the mission of developing, diffusing, promoting research activities in the main fields of the knowledge, and studying their application for scientific, technological and economic progress of Italy. “Valorizzazione della Ricerca” Structure coordinates and manages CNR’s activities regarding research marketing, intellectual property protection and exploitation, setting up of new technological enterprises. The Structure relies on in-house expertise and acts in collaboration with the scientific network of Departments and Institutes, and with other offices of the Central Administration.

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche


Founded in 1923, CNR performs research on multidisciplinary activities through its scientific network spread over Italy. The CNR’s main resource is the available knowledge which means people, with their skills, commitment and ideas. This capital comprises more than 8.000 employees, of whom more than half are researchers and technologists. Some 4.000 young researchers are engaged in postgraduate studies and research training at CNR within the organization’s top-priority areas of interest. A significant contribution also comes from research associates: researchers, from Universities or private firms, who take part in CNR’s research activities.

The Scientific network of CNR is organized in Departments, Research Institutes and, limited to some projects, in Research Units located at third party. The Departments are organizational units structured in macro-areas of scientific and technological research. They mainly have planning, organization and supervision functions. The institutes, gathered in several technical and scientific sectors, perform research tasks according to their programs: The geographical distribution on the territory allows them to give a relevant contribution to the regional and local innovation.

Nowadays CNR is organised in 7 thematic Departments:


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