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A method and apparatus for generating an input signal for a parameter sensitive circuit

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This invention proposes a hybrid configuration of a single chip synthesizer, replacing the reference frequency generation by a DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) that will enable fractional reference frequency generation instead of fixed one. The synthesizer shall have both fractional-N and integer-N output capability. The output signal shall be spur free. The invention will help reduce the phase error in the up/down radio conversion chain.


High performance, flexible and compact (low mass). Also generates a signal with no spurs.Because of being implemented in a single chip, costs may be reduced.


There are a lot of frequency synthesizers already being used with a great diversity of configuration and specific features.


It may be used in test and measurement equipment, in telecommunication devices such as mobile phones, base stations, wireless LAN (also for PAN, WAN and MAN) devices or any other transmitting device in a communication system such as a radio frequency link. In broadcast systems such as radio and television (also in CATV). It can also be used for radar applications (earth observation such as cartography, weather forecast or monitoring; military applications and guidance applications among others).


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Patent Grading Report

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Enrico Lia, Andreas Lauer, Dietmar Kther, Rdiger Follmann


Case manager: Veronica La Regina

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