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HPLC device for high-volume samples analysis



Fluidic device that allows high sample volume injection in HPLC systems and provides an automated purification step, reducing sensitivity problems and facilitating the analysis of extracted compounds from complex matrix. A LC-MS/MS method based on this fluidic device has been validated in the laboratory of the Unit of Experimental Pharmacology at CRO – Aviano (National Cancer Institute), and is currently used for therapeutic drug monitoring (Imatinib and Norimatinib) of cancer patients.
The team has expertise in personalized medicine, chemotherapy, mass spectrometry, therapeutic drug monitoring, pharmacogenetics. Giuseppe Toffoli, MD is the Director of the unit, co-founder of PharmaDiagen srl and experienced in collaborations with companies (Pfizer, Sanofi, Diatech, LioniX International, Vermes Microdispensing). Reference scientists are Bianca Posocco, PhD, chemist with 7 year experience in HPLC-MS and Valentina Iacuzzi, pharmaceutical chemist with 3 year experience in HPLC-MS.
Miniaturization and automation are required for commercial use and we are looking for a commercial partner interested in the development of the device in a collaborative project or under license. Patent opportunities are currently under evaluation. The prototype is available for demonstration, interested companies are welcome to send their experts to our lab for live evaluation of the device.


Technology Advantages:
• injection of both liquid plasma and DBS extract samples
• injections of large volumes when sensitivity is critical
• reduction of analysis time
• clean process for large scale running


The device is not stand alone and needs to be integrated on HPLC systems.
It has been used for cancer drugs analysis (Imatinib and Norimatinib), tests on different analytes needs to be performed.


Technology Applications:
• Therapeutic drug monitoring and forensic medicine
• Environmental analysis e.g. pollutants in air, water, soil
• Food quality evaluation

Readiness Level (TRL)

technology validated in lab
"The prototype is available for demonstration, interested companies are welcome to send their experts to our lab for live evaluation of the device."
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Patent Grading Report

Patent Grading Report

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Current status

Patent opportunities are currently under evaluation.


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Giuseppe Toffoli, Bianca Posocco, Valentina Iacuzzi

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