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The Biomedical Networking Research Center of Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine (CIBER-BBN) is one of the 11 thematic areas of CIBER. CIBER groups some of the main Spanish research groups (more than 400) in biomedicine, located in more than 100 institutions distributed around Spain.

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Layered Substrate and Uses Thereof

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The present invention provides a new layered substrate useful in Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) that allows the in situ detection or quantification of one or more analytes in real time.
The new layered substrate comprising (a) an electromagnetically active layer, (b) a support layer adjacent to the electromagnetically active layer, and (c) a thermolabile sheathing layer adjacent to the electromagnetically active layer wherein: at least one of the layers adjacent to the electromagnetically active layer is transparent to an incident electromagnetic radiation of wavelength W; the sheathing layer: is not-permeable to a fluid FL; and it is capable of being degraded at a temperature T; and the electromagnetically active layer is integrally attached to the support layer, is capable of converting electromagnetic energy carried by the incident electromagnetic radiation of wavelength W into thermal energy; and is thermostable at temperature T.
The invention also provides processes for the preparation of the material, uses as spectroscopy substrate, methods for identifying/quantifying one or more analytes and kits and devices comprising the substrate.
Advantageously, this innovative substrate allows the in situ detection or quantification of analyte(s) in real time and overcomes the “memory effect” reported with the spectroscopic substrates known in the state of the art.


This innovative technology demonstrates that by applying a sheathing layer with particular properties, over a whole plasmonic substrate surface, an efficient spatio-temporal control in the identification and/or quantification of the analyte(s) of interest can be achieved.


To be determined during further development.


Development of biosensors for continuous in situ detection or quantification of various analytes in real time.


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