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Method for diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of Alzheimer disease using metabolomic techniques

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Our innovation:
Innovative in vitro method for diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of Alzheimer's disease (AD) using the metabolic profile in serum of an individual.
The new method includes a sample preparation and NMR acquisition protocol, a mathematical algorithm and a suitable software for data processing.
The mathematical model applies not only the biomarkers identified as relevant, but the complete metabolomic profile of the sample.
The method has both high sensitivity and specificity which are suitable for clinical use.
Reproducible data acquisition within the same patient as well as with different individuals.
The method allows the early diagnosis of the disease and monitoring the evolution of patients with suspected AD.
Potentially this invention might be useful for differential diagnosis between AD and other dementias.


Competitive advantages: Non-invasive and economic in vitro analysis. High sensitivity (94%) and specificity (88%). Suitable for clinical use. Reliable method based on plurality of metabolites. Individualized quantification of metabolites is not necessary.


To be determined during further development.


Patient need addressed: Alzheimer’s disease.

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Spanish patent application (Priority date: March 23, 2020). Suitable for International extension (PCT application)


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M. Carmen Martinez, Ramon Martinez, Miguel Calero, Miguel Medina, Ana Belen Pastor


Case manager: Aida Castellanos Paez

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