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Use of an inhibitor of adrenomedullin for the manufacture of a drug useful in the prevention and treatment of disease that reduce bone density

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Scope of the problem:
Osteoporosis is a serious problem in the elderly population and is characterized by a decrease in bone mineral density (a T scale of mineral density lower than 2.5) and deterioration of bone micro architecture, which can lead to an increased risk of fractures. Osteoporosis is more common among women, especially after menopause. Estrogen deficiency increases the bone resorption process, causing the balance between bone deposition by osteoblasts and resorption by osteoclasts inclined to net bone loss. Many studies have shown that hormone replacement therapy can be used to prevent and/or treat osteoporosis. However, long-term estrogen supplementation has severe risks including endometrial cancer, breast cancer or ovarian cancer, as well as cardiovascular risks, so this treatment is no longer recommended.

Our innovation:

  • Use of inhibitor of adrenomedullin to manufacture a new drug for osteoporosis

  • Inhibitor is selected from the group consisting of the fragment of adrenomedullin AM22-52 and the compounds of formula described in the figure (see flyer)

  • Or polyclonal antibody, monoclonal antibody,nucleotide, peptide and vaccine.

  • Or interference RNA molecule,

  • It can be used in a state of weightlessness or in space travel

  • It can also be used in farm or domestic animal


It can be also used in osteomalacia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic kidney disease, hyperparathyroidism, Cushing’s disease, cystic fibrosis, eating disorders, gastric bypass and prolonged immobility.


To be determined during further development.


Patient need addressed: Osteoporosis

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Patent Grading Report

Patent Grading Report

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Current status

European patent application EP15382111.1


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Alfredo Martinez, M. Sonia Martinez, Ignacio Larráyoz, Laura Ochoa, Luis Jose Fernandez, Ignacio Ochoa


Case manager: Aida Castellanos Paez

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