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Faculty of electrical engineering, computer science and information technology Osijek is the faculty within the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer Osijek, Croatia. The faculty provides higher education in the field of electrical engineering, computer science and information technology.

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Wireless Sensor Network for Analog Signal Acquisition

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A system for short range wireless communication that can be used for energy efficient continuous analog signal acquisition in Internet of Things applications or in wearable medical monitoring devices.


The benefit resulting from the proposed innovation is reflected in the technological development of existing solutions in terms of significantly reduced system complexity and lower power consumption. These benefits provide smaller form factor and longer battery life, reducing the production costs at the same time. The system has multiuser functionality without application of microprocessor inside transmitting unit unlike available solutions, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi...
Avoiding high frequency carrier emission reduces user health impact, while reduced battery lifetime reduces environmental pollution and energy consumption.
The invention enables improvements in e-health products providing user-friendly solution for long term monitoring of chronical disease patients and older population.


The system does not enable dynamic addressing and at this stage of development it provides only one way communication.


The product can be used in Wireless Sensor Networks in industrial (automotive, instrumentation…) and personal consumer products (wearables, Internet of Things applications…). Great potential is its ability to replace the Bluetooth modules. Integration of the proposed technology to smart phones and smart watch devices would make them hubs for the sensors applicable in digital health products, connected cars, smart factories etc. Due to the lack of the internal clock signal and microprocessor, it provides extreme hardware simplicity and low power operation. Great value of the system is its ability to operate at low frequencies which makes it suitable for Intra Body Communications. Thus, interference with neighboring users is avoided and spectrum congestion is reduced. It is extremely important in terms of presently increasing number of Internet of Things connected devices.


Readiness Level (TRL)

system prototype demonstration in operational environment
"Prototype of the system for body temperature measurement"
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Patent Grading Report

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