The IOCB TTO s.r.o. is technology transfer office and subsidiary company of IOCB (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR, v.v.i.). The company matches results of the basic research work of IOCB scientists with needs of commercial partners


The IOCB TTO team supports management and decision making processes in Target Research Groups of IOCB e.g. by due diligence analyses, market potential studies and project feasibility evaluation. Moreover, the company is responsible for networking and industry partner search or negotiations of contracts and agreements in the field of intellectual property. An integral part of IOCB TTO’s duties is the organization and development of spin-off companies on IOCB’s technology platform.
The IOCB TTO participates in Center for Development of Original Drugs (CDOD) project funded by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as a project management responsible member of consortia.
At the IOCB we develop projects related to: oncology, neuroprotection, metabolic diseases and anti-inflammatory diseases. Furthermore, we develop in house screening technologies for library screening of small molecules, synthetic iBodies and we recently developed a peptide synthesizer.
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Available Technologies

iBodies: Modular Polymer-Based Synthetic Antibodies

TRL: 4 Status: PCT Application Availability: Licensing

DIANA: detection assay for diagnostics and drug discovery

TRL: 4 Status: PCT Application Availability: Licensing

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