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One Step manufacturing process of complex parts by SPS sintering

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Current methods for manufacturing complex parts are not fully satisfactory: loss of material, length of process, materials with imperfect performances... Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) is a rapid densification technique which allows to get materials exhibiting higher performances. Combining this technology with a method for producing complex shapes is today possible.
- Manufacturing process of complex parts to nearest dimensions, so called near net shape
-> Use of a sacrificial material (possibly of different and less expensive kind)
-> Creation of mobile interfaces
-> Evolution of the mobile interface during the densification: support the formation of the part to its final dimensions
- One step process
- Manufacture of several parts in a single matrix
- Fast production of high performances parts


Complex geometry
Homogeneity of Density & Microstructure
Near net shape
Reduced loss of material
Reduced manufacturing cost
Manufacturing simplification & speeding up
Parts with high mechanical performances




Turbine turbocharger
Turbine blade
Piston pin
Bearing ball
Dental implant
Biomedical prosthesis

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